What better way to enjoy your delicious breakfast than on our back galley which will make you fell as if you are sitting in a beautiful climate-controlled garden.

The Samuel Guy House serves a full southern style breakfast including coffee and juice. Some of our entrees and accompany sides include the following:

  • Scrumptiously delicious stuffed French toast topped with pureed strawberry’s and whipped cream.
  • Praline French toast casserole smothered with chopped pecans and our maple syrup.
  • Our vegetarian quiche made with lots of fresh vegetables cooked into it.
  • Our popular scramble egg plate with green onions and shredded cheddar cheese served with a generous slice of home cooked in pineapple sauce.
  • French pancakes filled and rolled along with a dusting of powdered sugar.
  • Blueberry French bread casserole filled with creamy cream cheese, sour cream and more.
  • All meals are served with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, an assortment of fruit (ie) (fruit cup) and/or breakfast pastry.
  • Hot coffee awaits in the dining room when they arrive for breakfast.

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